• Tanvir Shahjahan

Why should you support Muslim owned businesses?

Every single day hundreds of Muslims around the world decide they want to start their own business. The beauty of many Muslim owned businesses is that they are not solely there to make the most money, more so providing benefit through high quality products, dealing fairly and excellent customer. The Muslim community has so many institutions that help spread the knowledge of our religion, however we forget about something that would help scale these up, the support of Muslim owned businesses. If and when these SME grow to the size of other multinational corporations the support that they can provide can revolutionise our communities. We however opt to purchase from outside of our communities.

Of the many reasons for Muslims to support businesses owned by other Muslims, here are our top 5.

1. They tend to be tailored towards Muslims, we know that their products and services were crafted with us in mind

2. A successful business owner is able to put money back into building institutions in the community like the masjids, Islamic schools, or even investing in another Muslim business. Because of this the community is able to thrive, grow, and expand

3. By buying from other Muslims you generate community wealth and ensure the money stays in your own community and leads to growth

4. Continued and large-scale success for businesses which sell in an ethical and halal manner change the way business is conducted across the board

5. Successful business owners become positive role models for their community and encourage rise of the next wave of young Muslim entrepreneurs who can change the landscape of business.

Our directory aims to make it easier for you to support these businesses. You can easily search and find different businesses in your area. Next time you need a graphic designer, new clothes or home improvements, instead of Google use our directory! If you are a Muslim business owner then add your business to the directory here!

We would love to hear YOUR reason for supporting Muslim owned businesses as well as a business you have supported recently!

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